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2015 Year End Checklist


As we find ourselves moving towards the end of 2015, there are dozens of tasks that need to be completed before year end. 

Here are a few ways that Telpay can help you scratch off items from your year-end checklist:

Did you know that your frequency to remit source deductions may change in the New Year, based on the dollar value of your payroll from the previous year?  You can view the CRA remittance thresholds and their due dates on the CRA website.

Employee Bonus Pay Outs
Send your employee bonuses electronically this year.  Follow our step by step instruction manual and make a convenient bonus deposit to your employees using our funds transfer feature.

Make your holiday donations with Telpay’s electronic payables feature.  Follow these steps to learn how you can set up and pay a charity electronically (and even receive a donation receipt) this holiday season.

Review your suppliers banking information
How many suppliers have you sent electronic payments to this year? It’s a good idea to plan ahead using our “notify your supplier” form to collect banking information for any new suppliers you plan to pay in 2016.

Make sure your account information is up to date
It is important that all your Telpay account information is up to date in the Telpay software.  Up to date information makes sure that you receive our service emails, invoices, and important product information.  We have summarized all the information that should be up to date, here.

Plan ahead
Are you considering making more electronic payments in 2016?  Resolve to make all your payments electronically in the new year.  Learn about the types of payments you can make with Telpay by joining a training webinar. Telpay’s training webinars cover a variety of payment topics, such as:  processing bill payments, government remittances including GST/HST, Workers Compensation,  payroll and payroll deductions, collection of rents,  international payments and payments from Canadian US$ Bank accounts.  Register for a webinar, today!

Happy New Year! Wishing you a joyful, healthy and prosperous 2016!