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We are the first to admit that it can be hard to start a new project in the middle of August or summer holidays.   Whether you are already familiar with Telpay , or just starting to process business payments, we have the ultimate summer webinar to help.  It’s short, sweet and to the point, just like your summer beverages.

Here’s the deal: Telpay’s electronic business payment software has a few essential details that can make processing your payables a breeze.  Did you know that Telpay can collect banking information from your suppliers? We can also process your payables as early as the next business day.  Our Send Funds Transfers and Process Payables webinar is the best way to learn about these details before you start making payments.

Join a Webinar

You can register for our Send Funds Transfers and Process Payables Webinar here.  Remember, all of our webinars are scheduled in Central Time!

Its summer and we understand you may not have time to view a webinar while water skiing at the lake.  In case you cannot attend one of the scheduled webinars, here are some additional resources you can check out at your leisure: