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Eliminate Your Cheque Pet Peeves

Do you still write cheques for your business payments? Are you tired of dealing with the annoying cheque peeves and time-wasting hassles?

We would like you to meet Kathleen Campbell, Executive Director at Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism, a marketing organization specifically focusing on the North Shore, also known as the Playground of Vancouver. Kathleen recently streamlined her payment process by eliminating cheques from her business. Prior to signing up with Telpay, Kathleen was experiencing one of the most common cheque peeves, “the cheque is in the mail.” On numerous occasions, Kathleen experienced losing cheques in the mail which was tricky to explain to her suppliers, especially when it is such a cliché. As if that wasn’t enough, Kathleen also found it time consuming to drive around to get signatures for the cheques. All was not lost, with the help of her bookkeeper, Kathleen discovered how to eliminate these cheque peeves by processing all of her business payments electronically.

Thanks to Telpay, Kathleen now has more time to focus on promoting the cool attractions on the North Shore, like Grouse Mountain, Capilano Suspension Bridge or Lonsdale Market to name a few.  “Telpay is great for us, rather than running around getting different officers to sign our cheques, it is all done electronically and our vendors know when they are going to get paid. One less thing for me to do, I don’t have to run around, because that took a lot of my time.”

Check out the video on Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism to see how Telpay can help eliminate all of your cheque peeves.