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Telpay Trees Fall 2021 Marking Manitoba’s 150

On National Tree Day, September 22, the Telpay Trees Fall 2021 campaign kicked off with the ceremonial planting of a Manitoba Maple tree on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislature in honour of Manitoba’s 150th anniversary. Premier Goertzen and the Honorable Ministers Guillemard and Cox picked up the shovels as well as Telpay CEO Cora Jalonen and Telpay founder, Bill Loewen. With the Golden Boy overseeing the activities, it was a beautiful sunny fall day to gather together in such a special way.

Later that same day, we headed over to Kookum’s Daycare, part of the Neeginan Aboriginal Centre, to plant our ceremonial apple tree as the beginning of the Telpay Fruit and Berry Forest. Neeginan Centre and Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development (CAHRD) Executive Director Merileen Bartlet along with some children from the daycare were present and everyone had a chance to dig and plant this tree. Sheldon Falk of Falk Nurseries provided the trees, the planting expertise and will provide support for the coming two years to make sure that the trees get off to a great start.

But the biggest tree giveaway yet was held at the Forks on Saturday, September 25th. Over 2500 people came, lined up and picked up 10,000 trees to plant and care for in their own yards. HELP Shelterbelt of Weyburn, Saskatchewan again provided these excellent saplings known for their substantial roots and fast growth. Prairie Sky Poplars, White Spruce, Golden Willow, Red Ozier Dogwood were all offered to Winnipegers many of whom expressed their sincere happiness in receiving this simple gift. At the last minute, Falk Nurseries were able to provide an additional 400 Pussy Willows that was a welcome bonus for many of the tree-lovers.

At the conclusion of our second year of participating in the Million Tree Challenge, we have together planted over 35,000 trees and are well on our way to reaching our goal of 100,000 trees in 5 years.

As Canada has now launched its commitment to plant 2 billion trees in 10 years, and the World Economic Forum announces the global One Trillion Tree initiative, here in Winnipeg, Telpay is rising to the challenge. And together with the help of everyone who has graciously accepted our trees, we can make a difference to create a positive future for generations to come. Protecting our existing trees and expanding our regional tree ecosystems remains the most cost-effective way to combat and reverse the effects of climate change. Besides, as recently proven, people love trees!

Telpay Team members Mary and Leo at the Forks in Winnipeg giving trees away on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to happy tree-lovers!