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Tired of Tracking Down Signatures


Margaret Chwyl is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) and runs her own business, M Chwyl Accounting & Consulting Services. As well, she is a partner of Telpay’s Accounting Service Provider (ASP) Program and knows all about the advantages of electronic payments for business. In addition, Margaret is the volunteer bookkeeper for Calvary Baptist Church, which is very rewarding, but at times frustrating because they were still processing payments the traditional way.

On average the church went through 35 cheques per month. As volunteers, it was difficult to coordinate work schedules, attendance and not be readily available to sign cheques. Margaret’s biggest challenge became tracking down two signing officers from a possible five signors. At Sunday Service, Margaret would have her hands full with cheques and have to search for two signors. What was to be a day of worship turned into a just another hectic business day. The summer was even harder, when at times there would be only one signor at service, as the others would be away on vacation, work, farming, or such. Two of the signors lived out of town, ¾ hour to 1 hour, which made it difficult to coordinate a convenient time to get cheques signed. This would sometime cause delays in making timely payments.

Margaret recommended Telpay’s electronic payment system to the Board of Directors. The Board agreed and Margaret set Calvary Baptist Church up in October 2012. Now Margaret can now enjoy Sunday Service instead of the hassle of finding two signatures. With Telpay, Margaret works on the church books on her own schedule, which is often after business hours. Being more efficient with her time, Margaret is able to line things up such as payroll, receiver general payments and bills, so she can prepare everything in one shot which has sped up the accounting process.

Calvary Baptist Church was so impressed; they are using Telpay to receive monthly donations, as pre-authorized debits (PADs). Margaret has already set up seven parishioners and more have or are inquiring about signing up.

Margaret Chwyl, Volunteer Bookkeeper at Calvary Baptist Church:
“I really like freedom of not having to find dual signors before releasing the payments. Telpay is so convenient, because it works on my schedule and not everyone else’s.”

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