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Inlett Saves Big Bucks on Payroll and Payables


Inlett Incorporated manages commercial and industrial properties throughout Western Canada. Wendi Dunstone, CMA and Director, Management Services was tired of using couriers to deliver payroll cheques bi-monthly to approximately 45 staff located in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Wendi decided to cancel her outsourced payroll service and process her own payroll. Now she pays Inlett employees with Telpay’s direct deposit and emails their pay stubs, which substantially reduced  courier costs. She no longer stands in line at a bank to pay government remittances, because they are also paid through Telpay.

Wendi liked Telpay so much she now uses it for payables too. With Telpay she no longer signs 120–170 cheques a month. This created internal efficiencies and helped her save on postage and envelopes.  It also enables her to build stronger relationships with her vendors.  Wendi also saved time on the bank reconciliation process because with Telpay, Inlett’s bank statement was reduced by two-thirds.

Better yet with Telpay’s remote authorization feature, Wendi approves Inlett’s payroll and payables from her laptop or smartphone. This gives Wendi the option to approve payments from home, her son’s curling events and time for holidays.

Wendi Dunstone, Director of Manager Services at Inlett:
“Telpay offers huge internal efficiencies for payroll. For price it is way cheaper than any bank. I love Telpay, because it also allows me to minimize my time on daily accounting, while maximizing my time to manage and be innovative in my company, instead of signing cheques.”

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