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Goodbye Paper


Do you still send invoices, print off emails or write cheques to pay bills? With technology, software and apps, the tools to digitize most or all of your paper needs are now readily available and affordable. To get you started, here are five ways to reduce paper in your office.

Electronic Payments
Interestingly enough when you search the topic online, you will see electronic bill payment right at the top. Guess what? Telpay for Business can help with that one. The more payments you make electronically through Telpay for Business, the less you’ll spend on postage, envelopes and employee time coordinating invoices, cheques, and mailings. You will reduce paper, save money and valuable time.

Scanning and Faxing
Not only will you have less in your filing cabinets, on your desk or rammed in that shoe box, you’ll be able to find all your data faster. There are lots of options for scanners with auto-feed to digitize paper files, eliminate folders and easily email documents

Online storage and document apps
Once you’ve got your documents scanned its best to put them into an online storage or document application. Once uploaded you can take your files on the road for access anywhere anytime.

E-signing Documents
If you’re going paperless you might be thinking “what about all my contracts and legal documents?” No problem, there are E-signing solutions allow that you can securely sign or get signatures while reducing travel and courier expenses too.

Document Management Systems
If you are now really excited to go paperless, consider a document management system (also known as ECM). These systems can capture information from a variety sources like your scanner, office product, account systems and create a document database that can index a range of information to be visualized and tracked.

So no more excuses! Going paperless is a step in the right direction for several reasons; reduced environmental impact, better security, increased efficiency and ultimately saving money.