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Telpay Sponsors Black Swans

Black Swan Project

Telpay is proud to sponsor Melissa Michalski B.Comm (Hons), CPB and Bea Dabrowski, BA, CPB of the CertPro Accounting Team Inc, who were accepted into the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC) prestigious Black Swan 2 Project.

Jason Olson, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships stated:

“The Black Swan program is tough to get into.  The application process is extremely competitive and only chooses five Certified Professional Bookkeepers (CPB) per year from across Canada.  Telpay is very proud of Melissa and Bea as the first and only ones from Manitoba.”
What is a Black Swan
In the animal kingdom, a black swan is very rare and unique. Not everyone can be a black swan.  The same can be said in the bookkeeping and accounting field.  The Black Swan 2 Project is an IPBC mentoring program, designed to take five qualified candidates and transform their practices to a value based business model over a twelve month period. The candidates learn processes and outcomes are shared with IPBC members and program sponsors.  The program is led by Ronald J. Baker who is a world renowned writer, leading expert and a speaker on value pricing for the knowledge professional. He is also a founder of the VeraSage Institute in California, which is a revolutionary think tank for professional knowledge firms.

Bea Dabrowski stated:

“The Black Swan program looks at the inefficiencies in a bookkeeping business and then replaces them with something smart and efficient. TelPay fits with this idea.  It removes the inefficiencies of the days past, of the drudgery of hand-writing cheques, chasing after signers, buying stamps, running out to mail them and then awaiting their disappearance of the bank statement.  Good-bye, our grand-parents’ way of making payments.”

As part of the Black Swan program Melissa and Bea and attended the Napa Valley Summit in January, led by Ron Baker.  Plus they got to meet the other Black Swans.  Over the next year, they will write 24 blogs for the IPBC members.

Good luck Black Swans, as you roll up your sleeves and get to work!