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Go Cheque Free and We’ll Plant a Tree



Telpay is thrilled to be celebrating the second year of our wildly successful Save a Tree-Plant a Tree Program. In partnership with Tree Canada, when a Telpay customer makes 100 electronic bill payments, Telpay will plant a tree in one of the 5 designated Tree Canada regions throughout our country.

Congratulations to all our customers for reaching the milestone. By switching to electronic payments, not only do our customers enjoy the convenience of going cheque free, but they are also doing their part for the planet.

How Trees Make a Difference

Here are 5 reasons, why trees are important:

  • Trees help remove atmospheric CO2 from the air, which makes the air more breathable and reduces the Greenhouse effect.
  • Trees have medicinal uses. In fact, 1 of 4 pharmaceutical products is plant-based.
  • Trees’ root systems help prevent soil erosion, which prevents water pollution.
  • Trees planted in fields shield against wind and snow and help protect crops.
  • Trees provide shade that cools water, benefiting certain species of fish, plus their roots and branches provide space for fish to hide from predators

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Telpay Payment News
Bringing You Payment Insights, Trends and Best Practices

Telpay Gets Dirty

facebookOn Thursday, September 18, Telpay hosted the first annual Telpay for Trees Event at FortWhyte Alive in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Partnering with Tree Canada through their Partners In Planting Program, the event was in support National Tree Day. A country wide celebration for all Canadians to appreciate the benefits that trees provide us, that include clean air, wildlife habitat, beauty and connecting with nature. Continue reading