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Telpay Leadership Award 2015


Photo courtesy of CPA Manitoba and Martin Lussier Photography.

Travis Toet is the worthy recipient of the Telpay Leadership Award 2015. The award recognizes the candidate in the graduating class, who demonstrated significant leadership in the Strategic Leadership Program, along with exhibiting the professional behaviours, ethics and attitudes of a CMA.

On Sept 1, 2015, The Chartered Professional Accountants Act of Manitoba was enacted that amalgamated all Manitoba CAs, CGAs and CMAs who are now CPAs.

In 2012, Travis graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Honours) from the Asper School of Business. After graduating, Travis wanted to gain more practical experience to supplement his Commerce Degree. In his research, he came across the CMA Program and knew it was a good fit.

Armed with his CPA, CMA, Travis is employed at HD-Petroleum, which has developed a revolutionary micro-refinery technology to which turn used motor oil into diesel fuel through an ingenious green process. This Manitoba start-up company is very exciting and challenging for Travis, as he uses his skills from both his Commerce Degree and CPA, CMA in a creative way. As well, Travis enjoys the huge opportunity to work with interesting and knowledgeable people, as he embarks on his Accounting Professional career.

Travis was thrilled to win the Telpay Leadership Award, he stated:
“It was a huge honour. With one of the largest graduating classes, I was pleasantly surprised that my classmates chose me with so many worthy candidates. Thank you Telpay for the award and the $750 direct deposit was a nice bonus.”

Congratulations Travis. We wish you all the best in your career.