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Peace of Mind with Telpay

wellspring-supportAs an entrepreneur, it can be very exciting -and stressful -to watch your business grow. Meet Nicole Funk, Executive Director of Wellspring Support Inc, who used to worry about her payroll process or whether that vendor got paid on time.

Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Wellspring Support is a comprehensive, community-oriented service provider offering innovative day programming for adults with developmental, physical and behavioural challenges. With a new location and new staff hires, Wellspring is now a medium sized business and growing.

I had a chance to talk with Nicole about her new peace of mind on her business payments and how other entrepreneurs might find it helpful.

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Customer Spotlight: AIS Solutions

ais-spotlightAs a business owner or accounting professional, we all like things to be hassle free…right! Meet Juliet Aurora, founder of AIS Solutions in Burlington, Ontario and a Telpay ASP Partner. Juliet and her team at AIS Solutions, pride themselves on providing business owners with “no hassle” bookkeeping done right.

In 2000, while in search of work-life balance, Juliet made the decision to set up an accounting business from her home. From those humble beginnings, Juliet has grown AIS Solutions into a full-service bookkeeping and small business advisory firm with a team of ten. And, this fall she will be launching a cutting edge Training and Support community for Bookkeepers called Kninja Knetwork. Juliet has found her work-life balance by incorporating tools that help her succeed in all aspects of AIS Solutions. Today, she successfully runs a thriving business while still making time for her family and friends.

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Don’t Sweat the Postal Talks

sweat-talksAs the talks continue in the 30-day cool off period between Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, businesses are still sweating about the possibility of a mail disruption. Continue reading

Find Your Pot of Gold in a Webinar

march-lucky-finalHow many of you have childhood memories of your search for the lucky pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?   Maybe our lucky pot of gold is not so far out of reach.  What if we found a pot filled with resources that made our working processes more efficient, creating extra time and saving money!

As a Telpay user, we want to fill your “pot of gold” with helpful payment resources that will eliminate time-consuming and expensive payment processing. Register for a payables webinar to learn how Telpay’s electronic payments can help streamline your payables process.   Our payables training webinars discuss topics such as funding timelines, collecting banking information and importing your payments from your accounting software.

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‘Tis the Season – Payment Tips for the Holidays


The holiday season is approaching and it’s never too early start preparing for the holidays.  If you are anything like me, you make a plan to start your gift shopping early, but that plan slips away as the holidays grow closer.  There are a lot of things to plan for over the holiday season and it can be hard to prepare for them all. 

Here are a few tips to help you start preparing your payroll and payables for the upcoming holiday season and non-processing days:

  1. Confirm your funding deadline dates using our Holiday Funding Schedule.  Find the date that your payroll or payables are due and check the chart for your adjusted funding cutoff date.
  2. Take advantage of Telpay’s remote email approval which will allow your signing officer(s) to approve payroll and bill payment files while on holidays or out of the office.
  3. Make your holiday donations  with Telpay’s electronic payables feature.  Register for a payables webinar and learn how you can set up and pay a charity electronically this holiday season.

There is still hope for starting your holiday shopping early.  Not only do we want to help you get an early start with your electronic payments, we also want to help you get started with your electronic online shopping.  Join one of our bill payment training webinars and get a kick start to your holiday shopping with a $50 Amazon gift card*!

*Payables Webinar attendees who participate in the Q&A portion of the webinar will be entered for a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.  

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL WEBINARS ARE SCHEDULED IN CENTRAL TIME. Please adjust the webinar start times according to your time zone.

What Do Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Electronic Bill Payments Have in Common?


It’s a colourful fall morning and you are about to start your work day but, first you need caffeine! In the spirit of fall, you grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte for the energy you need to be efficient for the first half of your day (ok maybe for the first few hours).

Like many, I am guilty of relying on the pumpkin spice latte and coffee to wake me up for a productive morning.  But, pumpkin spice is not here all year round and my coffee cup does not have an auto refill button.  Bottom line is we need our work processes to be efficient, not just our caffeine fixes!

I am not suggesting anyone give up coffee.  I am suggesting we give up on the processes that make us inefficient, such as cheque processing! Electronic bill payments help create efficiency all year round – not just in fall. Telpay’s payment software has essential details that can make processing your business payments more efficient. 

Imagine drinking your pumpkin spice latte while:

  • Telpay collects banking information from your suppliers
  • Telpay processes your payables as early as the next business day
  • Telpay integrates with your accounting program eliminating double entry

So, what do pumpkin spice lattes and electronic bill payments have in common? Creating efficiency!  Join us for a payables webinar and the pumpkin spice latte is on us!*

Find a payables webinar time that’s right for you and register here.

*$5 Starbucks gift card will be given to the first 10 registrants, who attend one of the following November Payables training dates – November 18th or November 25th. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL WEBINARS ARE SCHEDULED IN CENTRAL TIME. Please adjust the webinar start times according to your time zone.

Telpay for Business-Payables Essentials


We are the first to admit that it can be hard to start a new project in the middle of August or summer holidays.   Whether you are already familiar with Telpay , or just starting to process business payments, we have the ultimate summer webinar to help.  It’s short, sweet and to the point, just like your summer beverages.

Here’s the deal: Telpay’s electronic business payment software has a few essential details that can make processing your payables a breeze.  Did you know that Telpay can collect banking information from your suppliers? We can also process your payables as early as the next business day.  Our Send Funds Transfers and Process Payables webinar is the best way to learn about these details before you start making payments.

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