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The Better Way to Pay Anyone


We have all seen the commercials bragging about their products such as, “the ultimate driving machine,” by BMW or “Look Ma, no cavities,” by Crest. Hey, I do like BMW’s, but as a Volvo owner, I am not sure BMW is the ultimate ride. Also, I have used Crest toothpaste but still got a couple of fillings to fix those cavities. Taglines can be catchy, but are they true? When it comes to bill payments, Telpay is “The Better Way to Pay,” because you can pay anyone. Here’s why.

With Telpay’s all-in-one comprehensive payment system, you really can pay anyone. From payroll, government remittances, supplier invoices, expense accounts, one off payment, USD payments, international payments and more. We truly can help you streamline and eliminate manual processes while retaining existing controls. You can reduce costs and save time and be more efficient.  We have answers to some of those burning questions about paying anyone.

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Don’t Sweat the Postal Talks

sweat-talksAs the talks continue in the 30-day cool off period between Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, businesses are still sweating about the possibility of a mail disruption. Continue reading

Get Ready for Possible Postal Service Disruption

postal-disruptionDid you know that Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers have been in contract negotiations since late 2015 to reach a new agreement? Already some of Canada Post’s biggest customers, including the federal government, are being told to make contingency plans ahead of a possible contract dispute with workers this summer. According to a CBC News Report on May 27, Jon Hamilton, a spokesman for Canada Post stated, “while the corporation is not trying to be alarmist, it has decided to inform some key clients about the possible service disruption.” Continue reading

Don’t Be Taxed This Season

taxedAre you feeling the stress of another tiring, tough and downright taxing season?    Tax season doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming.  Here are five strategies to help you manage:

Be positive: Your mental health and state of mind have a significant effect on your professional and personal life.  It has been well documented that people with a positive attitude are more upbeat and peaceful.  Even during tax time, you can choose to be positive amongst the chaos of the season.

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Electronic Payment Habits So Easy, You’ll Start Them Yesterday


We can all relate to those tasks on our desk that we have procrastinated getting started on.  They sit on our desk like an ugly paperweight that’s the size of a large rock….maybe boulder. I hate to state the obvious but, it is easier to start a good habit than it is to break a bad one.  In other words, it is easier to never have the paper weight tasks sitting on your desk than it is to remove these tasks.  The trick is making the good habits easy to start.

When it comes to electronic payments, there are several habits that are so easy; you’ll wonder why you didn’t start them yesterday.

Take advantage of supplier discounts

Supplier discounts are always a nice incentive to pay your invoices early.  But if you’re sending a cheque in the mail, how can you predict if your payment will arrive before the discount deadline?  Schedule your electronic payments on a specific date to guarantee you will receive those supplier discounts.

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Telpay for Business- Payroll Essentials

webinar-banner-july-blogIf you have downloaded and set up the Telpay for Business software, you are most likely as excited as a kid on Christmas morning to start processing your payroll.  We are just as enthusiastic to help you get started.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: our payroll training webinar is the best way for you to get started with your payroll payments.  It is hosted multiple times a month and it will walk you through the process of importing your payroll payments, gathering signing officer approval and funding your payroll.

You can register for our Payroll Training Webinar here.  Remember, all of our webinars are scheduled in Central Time!

We understand that you are a busy person (and if you really are celebrating Christmas morning in July, you might be extra busy this summer!).  In case you do not have time to for a Payroll Webinar, there are some additional resources created for busy folks like you:

  • If you are a visual learner, you can watch our training videos for QuickBooks Payroll and Sage 50 Payroll
  • If you prefer some light reading, you can review our training guides for QuickBooks Payroll and Sage 50 Payroll
  • If you are a chatter box, like our Customer Care Professionals, you can call our support team for free support Monday-Friday 7:00am-5:30pm CT at 800-665-0302

New Canadian Accounting Technology Show


Telpay is pleased to support the Canadian Accounting Technology Show on November 6-7 at Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Toronto, Ontario. This show is Canada’s only technology show exclusively for Public Accountants and participants can claim PD credits too! Continue reading

ASP Spotlight: Lorie Poulton


“Telpay made my job so much easier, that I have been able to take on more clients, grow my business and enjoy my horses too.”  Lorie Poulton

Lorie is an ASP Partner located in Appin, Ontario. She is married to the love of her life and has a fabulous 26 year old son. Lories loves being a bookkeeper. Lorie feels, “very fortunate in that I really enjoy my work and the wonderful people I work with / for”. Outside of work, horses are her passion. Continue reading

Payroll Direct Deposit a Success at CPA


The Canadian Payroll Association’s 32nd Annual Conference & Trade Show was held on June 17- 20 at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto. Telpay attended as an exhibitor in the trade show portion of the event. This conference attracted payroll professionals from across the country of all experience levels due to diversity of the seminars and exhibitors.

“We showcased Telpay’s payroll direct deposit, and it also generated a ton of interest in our bill payment feature,” stated Sean Camara, Business Development Agent.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth.  This event was a great success and we are excited to come back!  Next year, we won’t be so camera shy.

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Building Relationships With Electronic Payments


Everyone likes getting paid. When your business uses electronic systems to send money directly into bank accounts, it says a lot.

I once had a client tell me; ‘When I send money electronically, it makes my business look more professional, as if we are bigger than we are.’

As some of you may know, Telpay’s system gives businesses the ability to send money anywhere, with just a few clicks of the mouse. That’s very powerful.

Understanding how paying electronically impacts the receiving party is important. Here’s a look at how the people and businesses you pay feel about getting paid by direct deposit to their bank accounts.
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