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Beyond the Perimeter


Telpay was proud to be the Premiere Event Sponsor of the Beyond the Perimeter Conference, October 2 & 3 at the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Manitoba. Presented by Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of Manitoba, Telpay has a long standing and on-going commitment to the CPA community in Manitoba. Continue reading

Tired of Tracking Down Signatures


Margaret Chwyl is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) and runs her own business, M Chwyl Accounting & Consulting Services. As well, she is a partner of Telpay’s Accounting Service Provider (ASP) Program and knows all about the advantages of electronic payments for business. In addition, Margaret is the volunteer bookkeeper for Calvary Baptist Church, which is very rewarding, but at times frustrating because they were still processing payments the traditional way. Continue reading

Inlett Saves Big Bucks on Payroll and Payables


Inlett Incorporated manages commercial and industrial properties throughout Western Canada. Wendi Dunstone, CMA and Director, Management Services was tired of using couriers to deliver payroll cheques bi-monthly to approximately 45 staff located in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Wendi decided to cancel her outsourced payroll service and process her own payroll. Now she pays Inlett employees with Telpay’s direct deposit and emails their pay stubs, which substantially reduced  courier costs. She no longer stands in line at a bank to pay government remittances, because they are also paid through Telpay.

Continue reading